Heather is a published creator and performer of  heart opening songs and words. She is a helper and leadership coach for those wanting to be witnessed in clearing old stories/blocks and activating their purpose and plan. She brings those who resonate with her work deep curiosity, integrity, intention, and love. Heather's why is to "Rise and Shine" and to help others do the same. 

Heather Pirie

Creator/Performer, Helper/Coach



I am so grateful to be alive in these times to witness the shifting consciousness on our planet. I am hopeful that as we  fall into greater love with ourselves and others, we will continue to be mindful of our planet, and tolerant of human diversity. I am excited to be part of these big shifts around inner leadership and the aligning the ego, the balancing of the masculine and feminine, and further deepening our relationship with our higher self.


My life is devoted to creating, learning, healing myself and exploring ways to help others access their higher purpose, self love, acceptance and authority. I hope you find inspiration in this website, and I invite you to join me in deeper curiosity, connection and community through my personal sessions, online events, music creations and other resources. I wish you great peace and gentleness as we continue our work on being our best selves... 

body, mind, emotion, energy and spirit.