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Toronto, On 


Tel: 416-456-5937

Trusting, honouring, and growing your inner leader 

“An unexamined life is not worth living”. Socrates

You know when you are ready to grow your inner leader when you have looked everywhere outside of yourself and not found what you are searching for. You aren’t showing up in the world with your full potential, gifts and life force and it is time to examine your life and found out why. You are curious about what is original about you.


That was me. I had many wonderful teachers, rich life experiences, and took all the best courses. One day I ran out of external options and validation. I had to look closely at my life. I discovered my own gifts through deep listening, longing and not knowing.  I stumbled into a daily practice, a whole way of being that brings me great joy. I also found a trusted tribe and what make me original.


As I have shared my story with others, I have developed and continuously evolve my offering to my clients wherever they are at in their journey to impeccable inner leadership. I am a guide and co-creator that helps you find your way with rich coaching tools and holistic practises to clear, ground and liberate your life (so you don't need me at all).

Meet me here in Costa Rica on March 7, 2020 - a food and healing retreat
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Solo and Shared Coaching Experiences
Solo Experience

Solo experiences are for people wanting individual leadership coaching to do a deep dive into their unique gifts, joy, creative offerings and community. These sessions are designed to help you grow self acceptance, authority and gratitude.

Shared Experience

Shared experience sessions provide leadership coaching for groups and teams wanting to connect deeply, grow, build community and drive change. These retreats, offsites, half-day programs and lunch'n learns shift stagnant patterns in leadership/teamership.

Clearing Experience

Clearing experiences support your leadership development. Sometimes you need a little help with sticky emotions, programs, energy and patterns. Clearing shifts you so that you can heal yourself and grow your inner leader.



"Meeting Heather at the crossroads of my professional life was a game changer. Her practical business acumen, leadership know-how, and powerful intuition is a killer combination for anyone seeking a transformative coach. Our work together allowed me to gain confidence to make a leap into the next chapter and lead from a place of possibilities rather than fear.

Anh Minh Ngo, Architect