As a creator, there is nothing better than creating something out of nothing. My imagination and ability to create are my superpowers. The funny thing is, it has been a life's journey balancing creativity and destruction. I am always curious about the relationship and dance between these two modes. You can create from anything along this continuum. 

When I create, there is always the looming fear of failure. In fact, I have put myself in the way of a lot of failure. I write countless songs and many of them never see the light of day. Sometimes my creations are not good and I need start again. Sometimes these creations don't connect with anyone but me. I have learned to be resilient and know that I do it because I love it and I need to. So much of my spiritual practise and daily routine is about being aware of my fear of failure and choosing to create anyway. 

I express my creativity in my coaching/healing, my family/community and my art/music. I find that as I really lean into my creativity, I get out of my head and into my body and spirit. And, as a creative, I am highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic. When you listen to my songs you will hear the stories of my life, journey and the things I notice. 


In terms of performance, there is nothing like being prepared and sharing the stage with other amazing performers. You cannot be anywhere else but present and listening deeply. The music and the audience are also part of the performance. There is magic in the moment when the practise culminates in the live show. 


Performance can be filled with ego instead of deep connection with the audience. It is a life's work to master one's instrument or art, and deliver the performance while disarming the ego. Truly giving your gift and receiving what the listener gives is such an honour. Also, whatever happens in the live performance is perfect and good enough.

I really like to perform my creations and those of other artists that I resonate with. Communicating and entertaining is what I do (especially if there is a good cause). I love to work with charities and fundraisers to help their efforts and bring some joy. While at one time I walked away from performing for a living because I couldn't figure out how to make money; now perform because I love it so much. 

I have been a performing musician for my entire life. I learned the language of music as a classical pianist and singer. After the first twenty years of my life, I then began to compose my own songs, poems, meditations and videos. I create my music to heal myself, communicate emotions and share my truths with the world. My songs come from my desire to sing my truth, inspire others, and bring love and peace to my listeners. Please feel free to listen and watch the videos. 

Photo by Brendan Albert Photography