As a helper, I love to be in service of others. I am dedicated to bringing more peace and harmony to others' lives. My life has been figuring out the balance of helping others while growing strong boundaries and looking after myself. If you are familiar with the Enneagram, I am classic two (Helper) that will reject herself before rejecting others. My work has been around becoming an aligned helper through self love and acceptance. 


I have been a student of Psychology all my life. I have always loved the study of Leadership and reprogramming of brain patterns. I had a career in tech and I found that creativity and being a helper were incredible assets to my career. After this career, I needed to reconnect with my voice, music, passion, and heart. I needed to work on myself to find what I was really here to do.

I happened on coaching. I wanted to learn some better tools to help be a better mom and human. I have no intention of being a coach. After loving the Co-Active coaching curriculum I needed to grow my own inner leadership and pursued a number of new tools. Organically, I was asked to use what I had learned about myself and help others.

My Inner Leadership Coaching practise helps leaders and entrepreneurs "know themselves": their purpose, mission, gifts and strengths. It gives them leading edge tools and processes I learned through my journey and my coaching certifications and education. After years in business and coaching, I have honed my process for helping my clients turn insight into behaviour so they can lead their life by design. 




My helping/healing practise attracts people that want to address their energetic, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical blocks. It is a wholistic approach to life. We are complex and sometimes there is deeper learning and healing to be done. With meditation, Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy, Akashic Records Reading, Energy Clearing and Flower/Sound/Crystal therapy, clients explore and shift their blocks with their light team in ease and grace. I help people set up their own way of healing themselves and finding a daily ritual that they love.

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