Women Shine

Take your seat at the table...

Women Shine: a safe, profound, diverse gathering of women who want to grow, find their voice, their gifts, and their community.

What is the Women Shine Mastermind?


Have you ever wanted to find your people? People you could let down your guard with, feel safe, feel seen and feel nudged to shine bigger? If this sounds like you, join us for a journey of belonging and growth.


How does it work?

For six months we gather around "the table" to help turn up your shine!


1. Every other week, we meet you where you are at (on a one hour Zoom call) with 10 other handpicked women. On these calls we check in, we explore a new leadership coaching topic, and we land the learning.


2. Between calls, we develop a daily ritual for you and a homework to help you shine.


3. Each person receives a 45 minute personal coaching session each month. 

4. Laser calls and contacts are encouraged.

What will we learn? 
Two seasoned leadership coaches, Owen Lucky and Heather Pirie, will bring a number of wholistic leadership topics that touch on the whole person: mind, emotion, energy, spirit and body. Both of these coaches have expertise in each of the combined areas below and we will surprise you with some of our favorite 
1. Mental Fitness - we will learn a few ways to begin to notice what is sabataging your great efforts and introduce you to reprogramming your neuro pathways (Positive Intelligence, Enneagram) MONTH ONE
2. Emotional Fitness - we will create a language for our emotions so we can name them, process them and heal (Radical Compassion, Great Story)
3. Energetic/Spiritual Fitness - we will learn how to clear our environments, ourselves and our make way to manifest (Spiritual Response Therapy, Akashic Records) 
4. Embodiment Fitness - where do your emotions and energy get trapped in your body? How can you name them and move them (Radical Wholeness, Process, Kundalini yoga, Clean Food)
5. Entrepreneurial Fitness - how to pivot with grace and unlock your creativity and prosperity.
6. Leadership Fitness - based on CTI's Co-active Coaching and Leadership Model - we will provide you with a few of our favorite tools and resources to unlock your genius.

Why Turn up your Shine?  10x your Impact 


If you are curious, about whether or not you are bringing your full shine and impact to this world, join us and see what is possible. What if you started playing big in every area of your life? What if you step out of your comfy zone and invest in yourself?

What is the Investment in you?

This program is $6000 US for 6 months.

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